Warning To Asian/Mongoloid Spammers

I recently recieved a bunch of spam messages from you slanty-eyed gooks. I recieved no less than 23 spam messages and have only published 2 of the 23. I will not tolerate spam on my site, do you understand me? I am a White person, a royal cracker, and you are nothing but a slave race chink. Do NOT spam my site, I will NOT publish any more of your spam B.S., and I will NOT purchase your cheap ass Made In China items that won’t function worth a shit anyways. If you are going to spam, spam Kim Jong Un or Jackie Chan. Do not spam me, I am a crazy cracker, and I will ban your ass from my blog. Other than that, comment away!

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Assassin’s Creed IV

Can’t wait for it to come out. Time to stab some good maritime seafarin’ folks, murder some civilians in cold blood, jump from tree to tree like a ninja (more like roof to roof), knock some sense into pirates, and slaughter the Templars.

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Robert Lindsay Has A 7 Inch Boner For Bigfoot


Despite Bigfoot getting no mainstream scientist attention, Robert just can’t get his dick out of the Bigfoot hoax. Even more ridiculous is the fact that even though Rick Dyer has been proven a liar time and time again, Robert Lindsay is fucking Ricky in the ass like he is on Viagara. Robert says that he has a few “confidential” friends who is 100% sure that they saw a REAL Bigfoot in Dyer’s facilities and again on a private YouTube video released by Dyer. Robert believes what he wants to believe, and though Mr. Lindsay is a great journalist, a superb linguist, a one of a kind human anthropologist, his 147 IQ doesn’t do him much good in the Bigfoot area. Robert’s boner for Bigfoot refuses to go down, he just has an unhealthy Bigfoot fetish.

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Is Eminem Back?

Eminem may never be as sick as he was in “Lose Yourself” or “The Way I Am”, but his new single “Beserk” has topped the Billboard recently. Eminem’s previous leak “Survival” seemed like a cut from Recovery, and wasn’t all that good. Beserk is no more than Recovery 2.0 to me, but does anyone think Shady’s back, or are his glory days over?

Eminem has paved the way for White rappers such as MGK or Macklemore, but personally I think rap is just a bunch of crap.

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Dirty Song

This song is incredibly dirty and obscene. Only watch it if you have the stomach to. God this song should be taken off of YouTube. What kind of sick fuck makes something like this?

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White Males Do Not Have Yellow Fever. Asian Females Have White Fever.

“Asian girls are White-boy worshipping sluts” a sign read in Oklahoma Fort Butler High School. 17 year old Mary G. Crowley was suspended from school after she vandalized the lockers with this derrogatory slur. Her boyfriend had cheated on her with an Asian girl, and she thus extracted revenge.

There is some truth to this, however. Many Asian females LOVE White men, let’s face it. White men could honestly give a damn about these strange-looking baby faced Asian girls. However, a disturbing trend is occuring within Asian girls worldwide; Asian girls desperately want White men, and only White men. An Asian man is small dicked, and a pussy to these Asian women, and a Black man is no better than a monkey; an apelike humanoid animal. But White men are the blonde, tall, sky-eyed Nordic gods from Asgard, with big dicks, superior intelligence, and the heritage of European colonialistic conquerors.

Many Asian Nationalists always bitch about how White men have Yellow Fever and are stealing their women with promises of wealth. Bullshit, even in America; a White man’s land, Asian Americans earn more money, and White men don’t care about Asian women, but despite all this Asian women want that White seed implanted in her womb. Asian women are self-hating birds who LOVE that White cawk, so quit yer bitchin’ you fucking chinks!

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Are Gingers And Blondes Superior Warriors?

Gingers and blondes; their temper and personality matches their hair. Gingers are easily angered, fierce, fearless, highly tolerant of pain, and sometimes ruthless. Blondes are emotional, reckless, adventurous, higly tolerant of pain, and high risktakers.

Gingers span the greatest warriors in history; Genghis Khan, Erik the Red, Leif Erikson, Timurlane, Julius Caesar, Spartacus the Thracian, Alexander the Great, George Washington, all these men wore heads of red. Gingers are stereotyped as being fierce and fearless.

Blondes are known for their willingness to take risks and adventurous ventures. While most brown or black-haired folk have common sense enough to not skateboard off two story houses, blondes are seen on Epic Fail videos bicycling off 5 story houses, missing the landing, and shattering their bicycle (and their leg). YouTube is full of blondes doing backflips for fun, jumping from rooftop to rooftop for fun, skating down rails and even staircases for fun, and doing other suicidal crazy shit for fun. Often times their valiant endeavor fails and the blonde gets injured, and a video of him attempting said stunt is uploaded to Epic Fail sites.

Some Black guys, like Ozell Williams, do stunts for fame. Jackie Chan jumps from high altitudes suspended by wires for a living; so even Asians take such risks. Some brown haired White guys do stunts and potentially lethal sports for money or fame. But blondes regularly risk their lives for fun.

So are these factors the same factors that fueled the victory of Nordic nations in their colonial conquest? Who knows. But if you look at history, the greatest warriors were always blondes and Gingers. Even Asian warriors, such as the Huns and Mongols, had heavy Nordic admixture and exhibited blondeness and the Ginger cap. Black warriors from Ethiopia had White admixture and the most prominent warriors among them were Gingers. The Native American Hopi tribe has a legend of fierce, red-headed men whom no Native tribe could defeat.

Yes, I am a Ginger too.

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