Blogs I Read

Robert Lindsay-
Bobby is a genius, fellow race realist, Liberal, OCD, and slightly odd in a good way. He is highly educated and will answer your questions.
Dota and Bay Area Guy-
Dota is a Muslim Indian. He is a fan of ancient cultures. BAG is a very moderate pseudo-White Nationalist. He knows a lot about politics and all that complex stuff.
Sarah–Maid Of Albion-
Sarah is a queen of Controversy and a White Nationalist. She is a supporter of White South Africans and an exposer of crimes hidden by the media. My favorite blog.
HBD Chick-
She is odd. Dont really know what to say.
There are more but I just don’t have the energy to type them all out. This gets extremely boring-like a slave picking cotton.


3 Responses to Blogs I Read

  1. Anonymous says:

    When were you born?

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