Bigfoot News September 9, 2013

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A “truly sensational discovery” will rock the anthropological community in the very near future! According to one of my commenters, who has an immaculate record as far as honesty goes, he received an email from a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology who told him that a truly sensational discovery will rock the anthropological community in the very near future.

Now perhaps he is referring to something having to do with Denisova or Flores Man or some other hominid, but he may also be referring to Bigfoot. Perhaps this is a reference to the dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer. Or is to the Sykes Study by Dr. Bryan Sykes of Oxford? Anyway, Indian Summer may be quite hot in the Bigfoot community this year.

Dr. Melba Ketchum wanted to sue Nature Magazine for defamation of character. It was never quite proven that Nature Magazine had rejected…

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One Response to Bigfoot News September 9, 2013

  1. Priyamvada Jain says:

    HI Coward! Are you Eren?

    I responded to you thusly;

    Eren, “And Afrocentrists support this theory, so rest assured it is nonsesne, like Black Egypt or Black Greece.”

    You would be wrong about that. Afro-centrists support AIT. They claim “the white man” invaded India, pushing “native Dravidians” south. Those “native Dravidians” are now ALL “Dalits” and Dalits originated in Africa. So now Dalits of India and “Black Africans” everywhere, should unite against “the white man” and his derivatives, such as all the other non-dalit Indians.

    Seriously, they are claiming this.

    Years ago there was a website or some such thing, that proposed to break India up into many “stans”. Whole of South India would be “Dalitistan” and united with Black Africans everywhere. The rest of India would be other various “stans”. And get this, the part of India that is world renown for joyful Krishna Bhakti would nevertheless but “Mughalistan”. LOL!

    Appearantly there is some “professor” in some Indian university somewhere who is pimping this “Dalit-Black African consciousness” theory in conjunction with some “African Studies” professor in the US.

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