What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A Black Afrocentrist commenter writes:

On the other hand, there is no evidence that the ancient Egyptians migrated into or invaded the African continent, all evidence proves that they were an aboriginal African people, all of their text point to the Upper Nile – Sudanic and Nubian origins, and their identifiable presence as a people, city-state, and the center of their dynastic empire ranges over thousands of years in one geographic location, Africa!

Any degree of non-African blood or “non-Black blood” that was evident in Egypt came from outside the African continent, and until the Ptolemaic Greeks, most invaders presence were short-lived and eventually repelled.

Again, there is no evidence of any large non-African populations migrating into ancient Egypt even during invasions, let alone creating an 91% Indo-European population that would have overwhelmed ancient Egypt’s genetic foundations, which was African! Absolutely unfounded and impossible!

From early Greek scholars and historians…

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