Warning To Asian/Mongoloid Spammers

I recently recieved a bunch of spam messages from you slanty-eyed gooks. I recieved no less than 23 spam messages and have only published 2 of the 23. I will not tolerate spam on my site, do you understand me? I am a White person, a royal cracker, and you are nothing but a slave race chink. Do NOT spam my site, I will NOT publish any more of your spam B.S., and I will NOT purchase your cheap ass Made In China items that won’t function worth a shit anyways. If you are going to spam, spam Kim Jong Un or Jackie Chan. Do not spam me, I am a crazy cracker, and I will ban your ass from my blog. Other than that, comment away!

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4 Responses to Warning To Asian/Mongoloid Spammers

  1. An Offended Asian Man says:

    Nice blog, faggot!

  2. An Offended Asian Man says:

    Fuck yourself you racist pig sack of shit faggot dick sucking pussy licking faggot fat fuck.

  3. An Offended Asian Man says:

    You’ve got balls behind a computer but you pussy out 2in real life faggot

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