Spot The Alpha

Chateau Heartiste

As a reader notes, a good rule of thumb for determining the alpha male among men is which man would you least want to pick a fight with in a bar? Physical size doesn’t even have to factor into this equation.

In this photo, Obama appears to have as many beta male tells as Putin has alpha male tells.


– biting lower lip
– leaning forward
– nearly crossing feet
– one foot resting pigeon-toed
– closed off leg position, sheltering manhood from turbulence
– craning neck
– slouched shoulders
– “man with no chest” syndrome
– the soft eyes of a community organizer


– expressionless, with hint of annoyed boredom
– leaning back in his chair
– open leg stance, daring the world to confront his manhood
– feet firmly planted on ground
– back straight
– chest out
– head, chin and chest aligned…

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