White Males Do Not Have Yellow Fever. Asian Females Have White Fever.

“Asian girls are White-boy worshipping sluts” a sign read in Oklahoma Fort Butler High School. 17 year old Mary G. Crowley was suspended from school after she vandalized the lockers with this derrogatory slur. Her boyfriend had cheated on her with an Asian girl, and she thus extracted revenge.

There is some truth to this, however. Many Asian females LOVE White men, let’s face it. White men could honestly give a damn about these strange-looking baby faced Asian girls. However, a disturbing trend is occuring within Asian girls worldwide; Asian girls desperately want White men, and only White men. An Asian man is small dicked, and a pussy to these Asian women, and a Black man is no better than a monkey; an apelike humanoid animal. But White men are the blonde, tall, sky-eyed Nordic gods from Asgard, with big dicks, superior intelligence, and the heritage of European colonialistic conquerors.

Many Asian Nationalists always bitch about how White men have Yellow Fever and are stealing their women with promises of wealth. Bullshit, even in America; a White man’s land, Asian Americans earn more money, and White men don’t care about Asian women, but despite all this Asian women want that White seed implanted in her womb. Asian women are self-hating birds who LOVE that White cawk, so quit yer bitchin’ you fucking chinks!

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