Why Blacks Should Support George Zimmerman

Now I know the acquital of the jerk George Zimmerman has been hard on everyone. It has been hard on me; for two primary reasons, 1: George Zimmerman; a Hispanic, being identified as White, and therefore ruining the image of Whites, and 2: Black people have misunderstood the whole issue, turning it into a White and Black thing rather than focusing on self-defense v/s aggression.

However, George Zimmerman should have been acquitted. Why? Trayvon was beating the living shit out of him, and he shot the kid to save his life. Of course, Zimmerman was unjustified in following Trayvon after the police told him not to. So Zimmerman should be charged with something, but not murder.

Blacks should support George Zimmerman because of Black-on-Black crime. The more the 2nd Amendment is upheld, the more an American citizen can defend himself from thugs. Blacks have the highest crime rates in the U.S.; 1 in 2 Black males will be charged with a felony over the course of their lifetime. Black crime is mostly Black-on-Black crime; Blacks are their own worst enemy. The good, law-abiding Blacks should have every right to shoot a criminal Black in the face to save his own life.

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2 Responses to Why Blacks Should Support George Zimmerman

  1. Dota says:

    Your blog certainly has potential, but you need to organize it better. Use static pages to establish mood and widgets to enhance accessibility.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Yeah I know Dota, thanks for the advice, however, I am currently struggling with severe OCD, and every time I change the format and layout of the blog, I get an irresistable urge to go back and do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again. So for right now I am just going to focus on writing, and worry about the structure later. But thanks for commenting on my blog, I just am going through some hellish OCD times, but I will try to take your advice if possible.

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