Are Black People Violent, Primitive Subhumans?

Let me start out by saying—I am a White Nationalist: which means I support a homeland for White people, which means that homeland restricts non-White immigration. Whether this is high IQ Asian immigration or low IQ Black immigration-I do not want it. I am not racist, I just want White people do reach a respectable percentage of the world population. I am a paleoconservative in a way, and I do not support genocide, slavery, caste, etc.

That said-let us explore Black people from the eyes of a 13 year old WN. Almost 1 in every 2 Black males will be charged with a felony in the course of their lifetime. Black males have 20% higher testosterone (active) levels than White males. Black males are 8X more likely than White males to fight in a fight-or-flight scenario.

However, Black people are human. Their skulls are less robust than Whites, they have the 2nd least primitive skulls. Whites and Australian Aborigines have the most robust, archaic skulls. Blacks do have a higher occurrence of “ape jaw”-prognathism than Whites, but their cheekbones, browridge, eye sockets, etc, are all more gracile and neotenic than Whites. Black people are able to interbreed and produce fertile offspring with Whites-the biological definition of a species.

Not all Blacks have high testosterone. This applies only to Bantus, not Bushmen or Pygmies. Bushmen have minimal occurrence of prognathism and a lot of them have a completely modern phenotype. Pygmies are the most neotenic and gracile group-surpassing even East Asians.

The average IQ of African immigrants to America is 108. This IQ surpasses the Asian average. Black people have had many accomplished kingdoms in the past-Congo, Ashanti, Zulu, Xhosa, Adal, Nubia. Yes, Blacks DID reach Madagascar. Blacks DID separately invent agriculture and metallurgy. And the Sub-Saharan African kingdoms during the last 500 years before European colonization were in a period of rapid developement.

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