Why Should YOU Comment On My Site?

I know a lot of you out there are trolls. Some trolls are dumbass pranksters who have no life, but a lot of you trolls are highly intelligent pranksters who have no life. While you could be writing highly intelligent paragraphs on politics, race anthropology, metaphysics, and world affairs, you instead channel your energy into heading over to 4chan saying stupid shit like “OP is a phaggot”, heading to Agabond saying “Niggers are faggots”, or heading to Stormfront to constantly say “Death to the Jews!”. Now, instead of wasting your mental facilities, why not have an intelligent discussion with me on my blog? I am a fellow (former) troll, and I have heaped my fair share of abuse on blogs and YouTube. Hey, I may be a WN, but all types of characters are welcome here; Blacks, Asians, Australian Aborigines, Bushmen, Pygmies, Paupans, Melanesians, the Ainu, Slavics, Nordics, Meds, Native Americans, Hispanics, mulattoes, Melungeons, KKK members, Black Panther members, etc. Hindu Indians are also allowed, but be aware; you are on thin ice. I know how disgusting and monsterous you people truly are. I will ban you for promoting Hindutva propaganda or being a Hindu Nationalist prick. Saying “Jai Hind” WILL get you banned, slumdogs. So be aware, I have no mercy for you elephant jockeys.

Otherwise, comment away everyone!

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