Classical Music

I everybody, my name is Wolfgang and I am a 13 year old from the East Coast, going by the alias Eren Jaegar. I am opening up a blog for Classical Music lovers and people who do not like modern Rap. If you like Classical Music, feel free to comment here.

I am only 2 months into CM myself. I was a former Rap and Rock fan. I listened to old artists like AC/DC, Eminem, Sex Pistols, as well as new ones like Fallout Boy, Kanye West, Meek Mill, and French Montana. One day, I watched Cloud Atlas (2012) on DVD, and that is when I was inspired to listen to Mozart. I quickly started listening to Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Strauss, Handel, and Vivaldi, among many others. I love it! Now I am new to CM, so a lot of you may know more about this topic than me, so be patient with me. I am only 13, so do not expect me to write or respond on a high educated level.

My favorite CM pieces are;

5; Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata.

4;Mozart-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Movt. 2.

3; Pachebel-Canon in D Major.

2; Mozart-Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Movt. 2.

1; Beethoven-9th Symphony.

Enter your favorites in the comments section, and discuss freely.

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6 Responses to Classical Music

  1. Dota says:

    Nice work. There’s never enough blogs that celebrate classical music

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Thanks. Your comment is the first ever on this amateur blog so I am glad and grateful at the same time. I might add in a few controversial posts if I get enough commenters.

  2. Quartermain says:

    I am going to have to check out those pieces on youtube.

    I got so sick of modern music (even when it was half way decent to listen to) when I would their b.s. narcissistic lyrics.

    Here is a link you may find interesting:

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Hi Quartermain, welcome to my blog! Yeah, we are sick of modern music, beats made by machines and constant repetition of the same beats, as well as the lyrics, the voices, it is so primitive. You should check out some of Mozart’s earliest symphonies; Symphonies 1-11. I find them really pleasant. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is amazing as well, and so is Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries.

  3. Gold Jersey Boii says:

    Classical suks. Kanye West and all dem rappers done sold more records than BAYTHOVEN or MOZART. Fuk u u just raycist n dont lik blak ppl fag wite boii.

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